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The Resilience Program


The Resilience Program has been developed by Poul Lundgaard in 2005-2010. Use of the program for traumatized children has later been extensively developed by Louise Ilythia Lundgaard.


Resilience is about coping with major challenges in life. What is often needed in this kind of situation is thinking - thoughtfulness and careful thinking - to find the best possible solution in the situation - caring for yourself and others around you. That is what the Resilience Program is all about - knowledge and inspiration in daily language and metaphors about what that is, how do we do it and how can we practice thoughtfulness and careful thinking in everyday life. The Resilience Program is used in a wide range of contexts in several countries. In mental health promotion work for children, young people and adults and in problem solving in serious life situations.


Poul is editor and Louise is co-author of a book about the program: Developing Resilience in Children and Young People: A practical guide - which is published by Klim in Denmark in April 2017 and internationally by Routledge early 2018.


The Resilience Program is housed by The Danish Committee for Health Education. The Committee has extensive Resilience Program training activities. The program is currently in use in five countries: Denmark, Greenland, UK, Italy and Greece. Implementation in other countries is under way. The Resilience Program has been subject to scientific testing since 2011. Detailed information about the program and the research can be downloaded from the program website: or