Beyond right and wrong

there is a field.

I will meet you there.







Two tiny souls are sitting on the edge of a flower petal in the middle of a huge bouquet of flowers of all sizes, shapes and colours, high up in the sky. They sit and rock their legs over the edge. One has curly hair, the other one has a green hat.

The little one with the green hat asks: - What are we doing?

- Looking, says the other.

- What are we looking at?

- Love.

- How?

- Well, the little one with the curls says and points out over the sky bouquet. - All the flowers are love stories. I collect them.

- Okay, says the little one with the green hat. And ask after a little while: - What's your name?

- My name is Sore.

- It's a funny name. Why are you called Sore?

- That is Eros spelled from behind. You know - him the God Eros.

- Oh, I see. Are you a God then?

- Yes, but just a little one.

- What are you doing?

- I'm doing the opposite of Eros, says the little curly God Sore. - Eros, he's shooting arrows down on people so they fall in love. I collect flowering love stories and help them keep on being fine love stories.

- How do you do it? asks the little one with the green hat.

Sore points out the many flowers and says: - Every flower is a love story that belongs to some people. I keep the flowers fresh, and then I take the colours and the fragrances and exhale them gently into the minds of the people who have the flower, so they remember that love is only something you can give and recieve. It's not something you can demand or buy. Love is only something that you can be grateful for. I want them to help each other and I want them to be fond of love in all kinds and forms.

- Is it always successful? asks the little one with the green hat?

- No, says Sore. - It is not. Not at all. Many love stories weep and die, even if they get help.

- I do not understand, says the little one with the green hat. - Can’t you just breathe something more into their minds? It is you, who is a God.

- I would like to do that, says Sore. - It's just not how it works. Many people believe too much that God and others can solve their problems. Gods knows everything and can inspire a lot, but eventually they must do something themselves… Anyway, love still spreads quietly and gradually in the world, so in time it will be easier.

The little one with the green hat looks at four flowers that float up against them. The four flowers twist over each other, so the stems are fully woven down. The little one points to the flowers and asks: "Will they just float up to you? - And why are they all braided together?

Sore answers: - Yes - love stories are light. It's easy for them to float. And the two there, they are two people who have a love story with each other, and they also each have a love story with another human being. In that way, there is more love on earth. Love grows love.

Sore grabs the blended flowers and puts them in the bouquet in a good place.

And then continue talking: - They are different, but that does not matter anything. Differences are something many people worry a lot about but there are no good reasons for their worries. In fact, it does not matter how love stories are. All that matters are whether they are fine. Here is for example a story (Sore points to a flower) with two people who have loved each other from they were very young and all their lives. They are so old now that they are going to die soon both.

Sore stands a little and looks at the flower and thinks. Then points to another flower and continues: - And here we have another love flower. There are two people who have lived with each other, but then they found out that if they kept living together, their love would break. So, it would be better to live separately and be kind to each other and remember that they had good memories together. I think it's as much a love story as the first. All stories have an end, and short stories can be as good as long stories if you care for them.

- And here's one more, says Sore, pointing to another flower, which in turn is completely different. - There are two people who met each other and were together for an hour. Then there was war and they never saw each other again. But their story, it's here forever.

- What do you mean by that? asks the little one with the green hat.

- Well, you see, says Sore. - Most human souls disappear when humans die. It does not matter much. They do not discover it. It's like sleeping really deep where you're not experiencing anything at all, and it's just going to happen - so you never find out that there's no more. But if a person is filled with true love, then the soul continues to be there. And all the loving souls, they help each other so they keep on being fine. It's not even necessary that I help them any longer.