New tales

Logic will bring you from A to B. Imagination will bring you everywhere.

Albert Einstein

New Tales from Greenlandic children

for children in the world.


This book project aims to give Greenlandic children a voice in the world.


Images of Greenland is often about climate change and social problems. Greenland has challenges, but the great human resources and the mighty nature, which is also Greenland, is often overlooked. In addition, Greenland has an ancient storytelling tradition. Greenlandic children can create stories that can touch other people. This is the wealth to be put forward in this book project.


Greenlandic children will be invited to local Workshops for young writers. Based on our long experience from the Resilience Program project we stimulate the children's imagination and desire to create their own brand new fantasy/adventure stories and tales, which, during the workshop, is documented in writing, photo, audio and movies.

Relevant information about the child-authors and their daily lives is collected simultaneously.


The tales - and the child authors! – will be presented in a book, richly illustrated in color with drawings and photos of the child authors, their homes and their villages and their creative processes in the workshops.


The book - New Tales from Greenlandic children for children in the world – is intended to be read aloud by parents - as inspiration for their children to find their own new stories.


In the first round the book will be published in Greenlandic, Danish and English – in a collaboration between publishers from Greenland, Denmark and England, Greenlandic authorities and grant funds.