A little more...

In the dimensionless world of thought, everything is possible.

Wayne Dyer


Our formal background. Poul is medical doctor and former senior physician at the Comittee for Health Education in Denmark. Louise is social educator and former head of the department for small children at the orphanage in Tasiilaq Greenland.

We have extensive experience in mental health work with vulnerable children, young people and families.Our expertice is about mentalizing - the skills of thinking - and mental health education. Our primary tool is story-telling and story co-creation with children and young people.


Who are we. We are deeply curious about the nature of life and being and we strongly believe that understanding is seeing things from different perspectives - from science to empathy, imagination and poetry - as elegantly expressed by the Norwegian mathematician Roger Anderson.


We are concerned about environmental sustainability and social inequality and believe that remote areas in the world can contribute with solutions to these challenges.


We are a couple who have been blessed with pure unconditional love. The experience of the wonder and freedom of how simple everything becomes when being in that place in the universe we are truely grateful for.


We have a group of inspirational friends: Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Carlo Rovelli, Rumi, H.C. Andersen, Roger Anderson, Frida Kahlo, Jane Austen, John Lenon, Wayne Dyer. We have qouted some of our friends on this website.


Everything we do is rooted in storytelling. Because stories we tell about ourselves and others has a deep influence on our lives - personally and in our relations, locally and globally. We use storytelling in our work to stimulate imaginative thinking - which is what we really need in order to meet todays challenges.


We create our own stories. Some of them are shown else where on this website. This tiny story express the deep essence of our vision: On the most beautiful place on the planet there is a lake in which all human tears are united.By this lake two tiny souls are fishing for insights of love and courage.